Ego is a themed, nonfiction anthology that explores the meaning of identity and the self through essay, commentary, opinion and visual art.

"As the world seems to get busier and noisier a lot of attention has turned to defining the ‘self’ and redefining ‘identity’."



Freya-Wright Brough
Torrey Atkin
Oscar Jonsson
Lin Li Ng
Zoe Reaby
Sher Rill Ng
Mei Sng
Nicki Reed
Mikaella Celements
Hilal Kirmizi
Nursen Turker
Husna Acisu
Melinda Ahmed
Doa Albatat
Alex Talbot
Chris Wigmans
Caitlin A. Kearney
Michael Kennedy
Lauren McAulay
Steve Inguanti
Shona McCarthy
Helen Frost
Nicholas G Frank