Holes In The Earth


Screenshot_2019-10-07 Aftermath Of A Mine.jpg

Sombre strains fill the expanse of plains,

A dire sight in the midst,

But for those who front the fight to win,

See the fight as a pain well worth.

Who can comprehend what’s worth the spend,

To open a door for tales of despair,

But who can limit a country so rich,

As to hinder success, nor Advance Australia Fair.

That is, so to speak,

If the land were a precious soul,

A past thought of beauty, frozen, in time;

Without a worry, without a care.

But that will be all the land will be,

If perceptions of material value continue to rule,

Because if value is in what is underneath,

Above is lessened to dust, a distant memory.

What if these memories instead stay reality,

The plains untouched, the gums unharmed,

An expanse of green, gold and brown,

Like the dawn of a day.

The people who make this conflict happen,

A fight for the welfare of the land,

See the fight as neither won nor lost,

But as constant as dawn turns to dusk.

How far we have lost this precious land,

But there’s opportunity to consider another path,

The choice is yours, the option theirs,

The fight led and ready to recommence…