Lethal Dose

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Lethal Dose


‘I wish I could claim back the soul that I gave you

And conserve the parts of me I continue to give

I owe you no space in my life now

Yet, in the home of me you continue to live’

–      ­Tessa Ogle, ‘Gaslight’

Toxicity in modern relationships can be hard to detect. It can be insidious and dangerous. It is tasteless, odourless, and intangible, until it happens to you. This zine looks at the different ways in which toxicity affects our daily lives; whether it’s familial, internal or in our personal relationships.

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68 Pages

Published 2019

Edited by: Shreyashi Bose, Nhi Le, Annaliese Schultz


Rinalda Aay, Anonymous, Lauren Audrey, Shreyashi Bose, Jenny Hickinbotham, Nhi Le, Georgie Martin, Tessa Ogle, Isabella Podwinski, Julianna Rajkowski, Annaliese Schultz, Yajur Trivedi