Inside Outside

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Inside Outside


A Smattering of Contents

Would you like to experience being outside of memories? Go to page 31. Or would you rather be lost inside them? Try page 10 instead.

Do you ever feel like you’re outside of your own culture? Try page 36. Or do you struggle with being transposed from your culture. Page 4 might resonate more.

Do societies’ definitions ever make you feel like an outsider? Check out page 27. Or does society lack the definition for what you are? Page 25 then. You know what, hit up both.

Do architectural exteriors fascinate you? Page 41 might be one you peer into endlessly. Or do physical exteriors make you feel trapped? Try page 2 instead.

Being inside a relationship, is that comfortable? Page 32. Or is returning to the outside inevitable? Page 38.

Do you like to wander outside (page 21), or dive into something new (page 12)?

Have you looked at page 44 in the sun? Why don’t you do the same from page 15? Then take page 14 into the dark.

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44 Pages

Published 2017


Edited by: Sakshi Bhattad, Ben Callinan, Madelaine Geary, Anthony Johnson, Sahni Mirmohamadi and Raphael Solarsh


Justyne Allen, Kate Arnold, Johanna Bell, AC Blogg, Mara Braun, Nikolina Brown, Iryna Byelyayeva, Sophie Chalmers, Michael Crane, Zipei Huang, Ruby Jurecka, Quiyi Liu, Kaihao Luo, Hannah Macauley-Gierhart, Johanna Millist, Jennifer Nguyen, David Powell, Maria Camila Quintero, Clare Rankin, Bronte Webster and Rosina Yuan.