Vantage Point


Vantage Point


This magazine is produced in collaboration with The Lifted Brow.

‘There’s something tactical about vantage point – there’s a mobility to it, you can change how you view what’s in front of you.’

–      Amy Gray

From a lookout on the top of a mountain you can see the whole city and its surrounding suburbs ­– but what is it that got you there in the first place?

In this issue, we reflect on how we see the world: from the tops of trees, to the bottom of a valley, through the eyes of ‘madness’, the lens of a camera, or the tip of a paintbrush. 

Featuring pieces from Tamar Chnorhkian, Sidney Roberts, Madeleine Roux Tamar Drazic, an interview with Amy Gray, and more. 

We hope that when each of us is able to look through the eyes of another, there’s a chance that the world might become a little kinder.

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56 pages

Published 2018

Edited by: Daniel Chelshowski, Charlotte Long, Jess Mackay, Helena Melton, Nicola Nelson


Enisa Muranovic, Elise Hassett, Tamara Drazic, Jess Mackay, Beatrix Payge, Tamar Chnorhokian, Sidney Denham-Roberts, Helena Melton, Nicola Nelson, Samantha Lane, Daniel Chelchowski, Hannah Brissenden, Madeleine Roux, Rob Harrison, Alexandra Burns, Isabella Dinale, Tamara Drazic, Tahlia Jimenez, Thomas O’Brien, Roger Pierotti, Kira Rogers