Defiance, Feminism, Empathy – The Writings of Kat Muscat


Defiance, Feminism, Empathy – The Writings of Kat Muscat


‘Frustration might just motivate you; uncertainty can be freeing; negativity, correctly wielded, is a constructive force.’

–      Kat Muscat

Defiance, feminism, empathy. These were the principles that Kat Muscat lived by. This book is a tribute to a strong, angry, and vibrant young voice that was lost too soon but, through her work, will never be forgotten.

This is a collective of Kat Muscat’s works previously published in magazines including Archer, The Lifted Brow, Kill Your Darlings, and, of course, Voiceworks, where Kat was editor-in-chief from 2012–2014. These collected works paint a picture of a strong, brave, defiant feminist voice, who celebrated the non-traditional and highlighted the common humanity in us all.

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184 Pages

Published 2018



Mivhael Muscat, Joe Tahooey, Jessica Alice, Roz Muscat, Amy Gray, Adolfo Aranjuez, Broede Carmody