Invisible Ink

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Invisible Ink


‘You suddenly become extremely fascinated by the typography within the book and feel you must study it in considerable depth. The body text is set in an unusually bold weight, you find this exhilarating.’

–      Matthew Campisi, Coffee Table Books are Fab

Invisible Ink: Critical Perspectives on Typography is a collection of essays written about typography in response to some of the seminal typographic texts: Beatrice Warde’s The Crystal Goblet, Jan Tschichold’s The Principles of the New Typography and Walter Benjamin’s Unpacking My Library. These critical essays explore the intricacies of typography that shape the way we experience the written word, without us even realising it.

This anthology is wholly the work of RMIT students: It was written by the Master of Communication Design; curated by the Bowen Street Press (Master of Writing and Publishing); and designed and produced collaboratively by both programs.

‘Instead of the poem being read to be understood, it is typeset in a way that makes it an experience, consuming the reader. It is a visual representation of thought in itself.’

–      Dan Higgins, Storm in a Glass

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116 pages

Published 2016

Edited by: Sakshi Bhattad, Christopher Black, Grace Carter, Pia Gaardboe, Alexandra Milne, Amy Smolcic


Fiona Bruce, Joanna Tolias, Kesong Yang, Meng Sun, Jess Kneebone, Tomas Xie, Maria Finna, Pam Suarez, Charlotte Scales, Dan Higgins, Matthew Campisi, Rida Abbasi, Beatrice Warde, Walter Benjamin, Jan Tschichold