Talk Talk Issue 02


Talk Talk Issue 02


A magazine must have a mission, and TalkTalk’s is to inspire people in their 20s with

creative and/or entrepreneurial yearnings to stop yearning and start being creative and/or


To get going with a project you’ve been dreaming about, sometimes you just need a little

nudge: advice, encouragement, the example of someone who has tried and succeeded (or at

least tried).

The people profiled in this issue of TalkTalk all found their nudge and did their thing: we

hope that reading their stories will give you a nudge in the right direction, too.

Jessie Scott found hers walking around her Melbourne neighborhood, in the architecture of

people’s houses. The photos she took – one featured on the cover of this issue – became an

exhibition at a local gallery, then an Instagram page, and finally a book, The Coburg Plan.

Dan Rule of Perimeter Editions makes books, too. Along with co-founder Justine Ellis, Dan

turned his bookstore into an imprint. He says he is inspired by trying to give an artist’s work

the right form in print.

Arcadia Scott found enough inspiration at a pottery class to make a career leap, giving up a

steady sales job for life as a maker of lovely ceramics; Huw Vellacot of Computer Cycles

was on an overseas campervan-biking trip with his future wife when he decided he wanted a

job where he could cycle to work – what better way to do that than to start your own bike


Finally, Bethany Atkins-Quinton and Izzy Roberts-Orr wanted to nurture emerging podcast

makers, especially women and others whose voices aren’t always heard in our media: so, they

got together with Areej Nur to form Broadwave, a collective that equips people and

communities to find their podcast voices.

Books, bikes, ceramics, stories spoken in your ear and a printed magazine: it seems

everything old is new again.



A magazine about people who walk the walk

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