Nature Writing is an ongoing initiative involving the editors in the Master of Writing and Publshing within the Bowen Street Press and the undergraduates in RMIT’s Professional Communication. The collaboration aims to raise awareness of the environmental and cultural impacts of Melbourne’s inner and neighbouring parklands through digital longform pieces. These pieces are an amalgamation of text, research, audio field recordings, video footage ­­– together they create gentle, and thought-provoking digital pieces about our surroundings.


The 2019 edition of Nature Writing aims to incorporate the themes and considerations of RMIT’s Bundyi Girri project. The Bundyi Girri project focuses on the 99.5% of RMIT student population who are non-indigenious. By writing about natural environments and parklands we uncover our relationship to the Indigenious people’s land that we live and work on in Melbourne. As the Bundyi Girri project says “not everyone has a relationship with an Indigenous person, but everyone has a relationship with Indigeneity by virtue of being on eastern Kulin land.”

Through the Foliage and The Outlands Project have been re-uploaded for consistency and compatibility, with every attempt to capture their original layout. Links to the original websites have been provided.