Contribute to Forkful

Pitch deadline: Wednesday 7 August 2019 (but the earlier the better)

Forkful is a biannual magazine that celebrates Melbourne’s diverse and distinct food culture. From farmer’s markets to Michelin-star restaurants, from ramen diners to rooftop cocktail bars, our food culture is always evolving. 

Behind every great meal, there is a story to be told.


Our 2019 Spring issue will look at the international flavour of Melbourne, a deliberately broad theme that encompasses everything from culture to geography as pertains to food. Think: fusion foods, traditional cuisines, family recipes, street food, food festivals, food origins, Australiana, and everything in between.

  • 1500 word non-fiction features

  • 800 word profiles or interviews

  • Recipes

  • Cookbook reviews (preferably recent releases)

  • Food photographers (both for commissions and for existing images)

  • Food illustrations

  • Anything offbeat or quirky 

If you have a great idea and would like to contribute to Forkful, please email a 200 word pitch to Sarah Gory ( ‘Forkful Pitch + your name’ in the subject line and the pitch in the body of the email, along with a 50 word bio. If you already have a full piece, please attach it as a word document (please note: pitches preferred).