Word On The Street Has Landed

You may be thinking, 'Who on Earth are these Bowen Street Press people? And what am I doing on this website?'

To answer your question, The Bowen Street Press (BSP) is a collective of students from RMIT University's city campus. We are a newly established publishing house, led by the students of the Master of Writing and Publishing degree and we are driven and passionate about the publishing/literary world. The students who make up BSP are a diverse bunch who all exhibit a range of impressive skills — some of these skills include crafting words, picking sentences apart, finding the right rhyming pair, reading at warp speed, writing lyrics and creating cryptic crosswords.

Though we may be the new kids on the block, we're excited about developing and producing projects we care about.

We would like to thank RMIT University for providing us with our own studio space where we can work on building on the foundations of BSP. We're also thankful for the support we've received from Sam Cooney and the talented team from The Lifted Brow. Last and definitely not least, we're extremely lucky to be guided by Tracy O'Shaughnessy and Rose Michael, who collectively have many years of publishing experience between them. They have spent the last six months sharing the things we need to know about the wonderful world of publishing, and we look forward to learning more from them across the rest of our academic and professional journeys.

As we continue to learn more about the industry, we are eager to use the theoretical knowledge we learn to create works we can be proud of. Stay glued to our blog and our social feeds to keep in the know on what we're working on next.

See you around, The Bowen Street Press