Welcome Back To Bowen Street Press 2018

It's a brand new year, which means brand new projects, new call-outs and opportunities for writers, and lots more coffee and tea to be consumed. We've been keeping busy here at BSP over the summer break. The Rabbit Poetry Journal editors worked hard all summer to bring us two new issues: 'Jazz', and 'Youth' – an issue comprised entirely of poetry and reviews by writers under 25. Available to be purchased here (because why wouldn't you want to support this wonderful, Aussie journal):

We have also begun an excited new friendship with STREAT cafe, everyone's new favourite coffee spot on Bowen Street. We'll be producing some exciting stuff with STREAT – more information on that later.

Our 2017 was filled with some awesome projects which were great fun to put together and add to BSP's evergrowing list.

We published two anthologies: Pulse and the second issue in our annual collaboration with creative writing students, Bowen Street Press Review: Ordinary Wonders. We created a zine that turns the reading experience on its head, Inside Outside, and a stylish literary journal that is the perfect read and the perfect aesthetic for your coffee table, The Comeback. In a new adventure for BSP, we also produced an interactive website – Through the Foliage is made up of three personal essays, nature photography, videos and audio. Check it out here:

But that's all old news. It's a new year and we are feeling ready for new challenges. Here on the BSP blog we will keep you updated with call-outs and opportunities, we will keep posting fun articles and opinion pieces, and will be sharing behind-the-scenes updates.

– The BSP Team